Quality compromised as Australia play in 2 places at once

Just incase you didn’t think the Australian pool of talent has been  stretched to its limit, or that there were not enough breaks in the International schedule, Australia are now conducting 2 tours at the same time.

Whilst Australia’s T20 outfit prepare to take on the world champion West Indies in a solitary T20, Australia’s test touring party are playing in India as ‘The Australians’ against an Indian Board Presidents XI.

It isn’t exactly as if there is an Ashes test going on at the same time as a world cup; that it is given,  but the fact is that players are in India preparing for an Indian tour, implies that there is a severely weakened T20 outfit performing in Australia. It isn’t right that a side shouldn’t be able to play their best side because half of them would be in another country on another tour.

As a staunch supporter of test cricket, there is little value in a solitary T20 at the tail end of the longest ever Australian test summer, especially when relative to a tour of India. Nevertheless, it is hard to take in, that this T20 would be scheduled at all, because it could only be done so if one or the other was compromised.

Either, the T20 side is going to be weaker because players are in India, or preparation for the tour of India in tour games will not be as thorough as some players will still be in Australia playing.

This implies that selection was done so with this dilemna in mind. We have of course heard not a peep from selectors.

Although it is just a solitary T20 game, the principle is the issue.

A home and away tour should not conflict, even by just 1 game either way.

The only results that can possibly come of this is either no breaks in the International schedule so greater fatigue and injury, or as stated a compromising in the quality of the sides on either end of home or away tours.

Lets hope this genuinely is a one off scenario and does not happen again for any side.

Once International cricket starts being conflicted by other forms of International cricket, it will require players to start choosing priorities.

One thought on “Quality compromised as Australia play in 2 places at once

  1. CA will probably use this massive scheduling blunder to justify their rotation policy.

    The rubbish we’ve had to put up with from CA this summer?

    The injuries come from the fact that the players are not training for cricket. They’re training as though they’re meant to be Olympic athletes (or calendar boys more like it). It reminds me of the scene from the NZ film ‘Once Were Warriors’ where Jake bashes pumped-up steroid boy in the pub, and says, “Too much gym. Not enough speed, Bro.”

    Michael Clarke’s in real danger of having continual (career-long) hamstring problems if he keeps playing before it’s properly healed. It happens in AFL all the time. And it happens a lot because their upper (and sometimes lower) bodies are too beefed up for their respective sports, and they over-train.

    The big question is, ‘Why didn’t Clarke miss the last test of the summer, when it was obvious his hamstring wasn’t completely healed?’ And now he’s got twinges again but is going to play. I won’t surprise me if it goes on him again.

    CA will continue with the bullshit while Invers is in charge. Then they’ll probably replace him with another dickhead.

    I expect the bullshit to continue.


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