#ECBvKP: Inconsistent reasons for snubbing KP shows real lack of trust in this relationship

It’s not very often I start cricket articles with quotes from Russell Brand. But the quote works, so I am going to throw away all my values, and do it. 

“When I was poor and I complained about inequality people said I was bitter, now I’m rich and I complain about inequality they say I’m a hypocrite. I’m beginning to think they just don’t want inequality on the agenda because it is a real problem that needs to be addressed. -Russell Brand

I suspect that Kevin Pietersen could probably adapt this quote quite favourably.

Perhaps something along the lines of: “When I scored runs for England and complained they said I was bitter that I couldn’t go to the IPL. Now I’m playing county cricket and they say I’m a hypocrite. I’m beginning to think they just don’t want the fact that I was dropped for no reason, despite being England’s top run scorer, and since being dropped England have been terrible anyway… to be on the agenda because it is a real problem that needs to be addressed”.

I mean, it’s not as catchy, but it covers all the major points. 

By now, we know the story.

He was dropped for no apparent reason.

Something to do with dressing room drama. 

He was told the only route back is to score runs in county cricket, even though he wasn’t dropped for cricketing reasons, apparently. 

He quit the IPL to focus on playing cricket in the UK to get recalled.

And now, he has been told, after scoring 355* for Surrey, that he will never be in contention for England, by former team mate Andrew Strauss. 

According to the BBC, Andrew Strauss said the following: 

“The truth about Kevin is that he is a phenomenal cricketer. But over months and years, trust has eroded between Kevin Pietersen and the ECB.

“There is a massive trust issue between me and Kevin.

“While there is no trust between Kevin and the ECB, it is our opinion he cannot feature in our short-term plans. Long-term, who knows?”

He went on to declare the following:

Screenshot 2015-05-12 19.16.26

There you have it. Even if he goes and scores a thousand runs by June, he is not in contention.

The reason is trust, apparently. 

In other words, nothing to do with cricket at all. 

Strauss pitied KP, by offering him a consultancy role [VIDEO]

The news somewhat rubbishes the idea that it was ever anything to do with his commitment to the IPL. It wasn’t.

It was about an internal issue within the dressing room, undoubtably connected to his comments to the South African team during their tour of 2012. 

If the ECB did not want to select KP however, they could have just not selected him. Why did they have to make this ridiculous public announcement, singling out one player, that was never going to be in contention for non-cricketing reasons?

Infact, why did they even make it known to KP that it was a situation redeemable by playing county cricket? It is perfectly apparent that it isn’t.  They could have just announced the squad, allowed speculation, and when KP was not included, people would just have continued.

The reason there has been this media attention surrounding the non-selection of KP, is for a self fulfilling prophecy. 

The ECB have painted a picture of KP as an arrogant self centered, self styled maverick, that everyone must always be talking about, and who is bigger than the team.  By creating this media storm, it reinforces this perception. He will never be able to fit cosily back into the ‘team environment’, because of all of this media attention. You know the media attention the ECB are creating. 

As England slip down the rankings, and the impending gloom against Australia and New Zealand zeroes in, most fans are entirely fed up hearing about it. Play him. Don’t play him. Jump off the cliffs of dover for all most people care.

All England fans really want is good cricket. 

We don’t even necessarily demand winning for the extortionate prices we pay; but we want to see a good day of cricket.  

Sorry ECB, but, Alastair Cook and James Tredwell’s loopy off spinners won’t fill grounds or ensure that Test cricket keeps going.

The fact that over a year after he was dropped, people are still talking about him, following his innings intently, and buying into this hype; shows that there is still a willingness and a hunger to see him again.

That is a testament to the mark he left on cricket.  Whether KP should have been dropped for reasons other than cricketing reasons is not particularly important anymore.

What is intolerable, is the insatiable desire for a character assassination of one of England’s most loved players. 

People often wonder, why KP didn’t just go to Surrey straight away and score lots of runs to pressurise the ECB straight away.

Quite honestly, it would not have mattered. The ECB have a vendetta against him, and would have found a reason not to select him at whatever cost. The fact that the ECB stopped him from playing in the IPL when he still played shows a lack of aspiration for England players.

When he was not an England player, they said the only way back was to quit the IPL to play county cricket. Now he has, they have said that is also not good enough. It was never about the runs. 

When the ECB given consistent reasons for non selection related to cricket, and then turn their backs and say it is to do with ‘trust’; all of a sudden, it is clear that only one party is not one that can be trusted

One thought on “#ECBvKP: Inconsistent reasons for snubbing KP shows real lack of trust in this relationship

  1. Amen! Could not have summarized this disgusting state of affairs better. They need to leave egos and personal agendas remiscent of playground churlishness behind and start thinking about playing some decent cricket! KP deserves to play and England need him.


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