All cricket is #ProperCricket but County is more proper than others

If County Cricket is ‘#ProperCricket’, then what does that make non-County Cricket? 

As the county season and IPL cricket launch at the same time, they have to compete with each other for viewers and players.

With a new sponsor in Specsavers, County Cricket launched a brand new hashtag for the season: ‘#ProperCricket’, to try and drum up support, and importantly, give it some identity. 

Unlike in previous years, when it was sponsored by Liverpool Victoria insurance company, and the hashtag was simply ‘#LVCC’, this year, organisers have decided to make a point.

2016 is the year of proper cricket. 

All that improper cricket can stop, right now. 

When I first read this, I wasn’t sure if I was missing something.

Maybe organisers were referring to cricket as seen in the Mitchell and Webb show? I mean it’s unique.

It feels like an arrogant assertion, that County Cricket is ‘proper’. Almost like other forms of cricket are less-so? If one looks up in the dictionary, the definition of ‘arrogant’, it is: “having or revealing an exaggerated sense of one’s own importance or abilities.

I know it’s only a hashtag… no doubt some will now whinge at me for being petty.

But, its no coincidence, that it has been launched at the same time as the Indian Premier League begins, and just after the World T20 ended. 

If you want proper cricket, you can watch any kind of cricket. There’s no such thing as ‘proper cricket.’ It’s jus called cricket. 

Perhaps organisers of County Cricket could explain the definition of ‘proper cricket’ beyond it being ‘unique.’ Why is unique proper?

The IPL is watched by millions. 50 over cricket is watched by millions. Test cricket is probably not followed by as many so regularly. But because it’s the oldest, it doesn’t make the longest format ‘proper.’

It uses the laws of cricket. It uses many English cricketers, that opt for it instead of playing ‘proper’ cricket.

I know it’s only a hashtag, but perhaps it’s a signal of a part of First Class cricket’s problems.  

It needs to get past the notion that it is the pinnacle of the game. I, and millions of others, follow County Cricket year on year, but it’s not mutually exclusive with other forms. 


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